Online Hotel Booking in India-The Surest Way to Enjoy Your Holidays!

Holidays are an evertime jolly occasion which should be spent with gaiety and laughter without giving room for serious thinking and matters of worry. A good stay with a planned tour makes your holidays ever memorable with cherishable moments and never ending fun. Online Hotel Booking India makes most of your work easy with its sites full of information about your stay, expenses and other relevant details.

Booking a hotel in India online/b>

Online booking with Indian Hotels is an easy matter with services of the internet and computer. You have to search out the places where you could find a decent stay with your family or friends on vacation. The sites provide the cost, packages and rates with discount (if available) enable you to choose the one you like and that which suits your pocket as well. Many luxury resorts are there in tourist destinations which would be the ideal places for your honeymoon trips, family entertainments and get- together with friends. They would make the most of the occasion with their all inclusive amenities and top grade services to make you enjoy to the brim with evergreen remembrances of the same.

Hotels in India are of various categories to suit your expenditure levels. Posh ones with all specific features like gym, holistic spa, swimming pool and meditation facilities are the favorite throng of foreigners who come to India to seek peace and relaxation for their health issues. Such resorts, situated on the beach sides or coastal areas are famous for their green backdrop and serene ambience. They keep your heart and soul in poise and rejuvenate your spirits with good activities like yoga, health therapies and massage specialties. There are some that provide entertainment programs to enthuse the youngsters.

On the other hand, you have Budget Hotels in India which come close to your heart with their economy packages and extended services. You feel satisfied for what you pay and they are also equally good with all necessary facilities expected of a good stay in a decent place. You feel happy that you can be away from your routine for a few days with your family or friends and get relaxed to come back to your chores-that too within your budget. These places are getting famous for the less expenses they bring forth with a basket of benefits within that money. A shrewd planner would take into consideration all the reviews and feedback given by other customers to book a stay in a good hotel. You get satisfied and feel secure with your payments online and with the foolproof systems these sites maintain with their dedication and commitment.

There is a time for everything-for your holidaying too with good stays in comfortable places of your choice. Life is to enjoy, after all!

Whitsundays Island Resorts A Perfect Choice For Your Whitsunday Holiday

Located in central Queensland in the vicinity of the Great Barrier Reef the Whitsundays Island Resorts are an ideal holiday destination for people from all over the world. Situated approximately 1,100 km North of Brisbane and 700 km South of Cairns the Whitsunday Holiday Resorts are reachable by air (two airports), land (by car, train or by coach) or by sea (boats and also cruises between the Whitsunday islands).

The Whitsundays are a group of 74 tropical islands located in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. More than 70% of their territory is declared National and Marine Park hosting a variety of animals and plants protected by law. A tourist will enjoy not only the scenery but also could try the holiday activities on the various Whitsunday islands including diving, tennis, golf, archery, windsurfing, paddle skis, snorkelling or bushwalking.

Whitsunday Holiday Resorts each offer something different and yet something so alike to the imagined paradise. Some of the most desirable Whitsunday holiday destinations are: Hayman Island (where luxury is standard making the island a preferred vacation destination), Hamilton Island (a different family lifestyle island village atmosphere enjoyable for the people who want the unusual), Daydream Island Resort (one of the smallest islands from the Whitsundays is most appreciated by families). Hook Island (has 405 hectares declared as National Park), Club Med Lindeman Island (offers the possibility of total isolation and taking circus lessons!!!). Long Island Resort (has some of the best Whitsundays beaches and also with rainforest and frangipanis, coconut palms and flame trees), the least but not the last is Palm Bay Hideaway (a remote resort good for individuals or families wanting to get away from the civilisation).

The most desired Whitsunday holiday resorts is Daydream Island Resort which offers holiday packages for couples and for families. Although in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef the resort is easily reachable via Shute Harbour, Airlie Beach, or Hamilton Island. It has 289 rooms, weddings, honeymoon suites and conference centres. Its spa is sought by the famous from all over the world. Another interesting point is the Outdoor Aquarium which holds more than 40 species of marine fishes and 50 coral varieties. A very interesting thing is that around this resort in the surrounding lagoons you find the famous Disney Cartoon species of fish clownfish best known as Nemo. The resort offers also great entertaining activities: mini golf, restaurants, bars, pools, sauna, spa, tennis courts and a popular outdoor cinema.

The most expensive holiday destination in the Whitsundays Island Resorts is Hayman Island. The five star resort offers 228 guest rooms, suites, penthouses and a beach villa. All the buildings (accommodation, restaurants, marine facilities) are not taller than four stories, all being designed to showcase the beauty of nature where man is just a guest. The resort offers the best luxurious services existent among them being included a luxurious wide known spa. The luxurious resort offers also business accommodation: meeting centres and the necessary equipments: payphones, fax machines, internet connection. But we dont mistake if we proclaim this resort the best wedding holiday destination. The romantic atmosphere of the place combined with the refined services provided make it one of the most desired Whitsunday holiday destinations.

Another enchanting Whitsunday holiday destination is South Molle Island Resort a true tropical island as in the movies. In here the tourists can benefit from the great beaches, tropical scenery and the National Park reservations. The services provided by this islands resort are: air conditioned accommodation, restaurants, bars, lounges, fitness centre, spa, swimming pool, tennis court, and so on.

All this gives you an idea of Whitsunday Holiday Resorts. So if you are looking for summer holiday destinations think about a tropical island stay at one of Whitsundays Island Resorts

The Evolution Of Destination Weddings

The days where couples would head to their local church, get married, and return to a village hall or someones house for a reception with homemade food seem to be a thing of the past.

Couples are now heading to exotic location such as the Caribbean, Hawaii or the Seychelles, as destination weddings become the latest trend.

Hundreds of companies are benefitting from the surge in bookings for weddings abroad, including travel agents, wedding planners, cruise lines and hotels and resorts.

Gary Sadler, the Vice-President of Sales for Unique Vacations, the worldwide representative of Sandals Resorts, explained: Personalisation and absolute flexibility is what couples want now; no cookie-cutter weddings.

He added that the destination wedding industry has evolved over the years and couples are expecting more on their special day.
If we offered weddings the way we did 30 years ago, wed be out of business, he said. When I started working at Sandals Ocho Rios in 1990, the bride and groom would get flowers, champagne and have their own homemade videos. That was the end of it.

Today, Sandals weddings include a wedding planner, a wedding butler, a two-tiered wedding cake, a professional photographer and videographer, flowers brought in from the area, champagne and hors doeuvres, the resort venue itself plus other features all of it personalised for each couple at each resort.

Sandals Resorts operates Caribbean resorts in St Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua and the Bahamas and the luxury all-inclusive properties are a favourite for romantic Caribbean weddings and honeymoons.

Cruise weddings are becoming increasingly popular and over the last ten years, cruise lines have developed marketing strategies to entice couples to book weddings at sea.

According to Mintel, a UK market research company, Carnival now carries out approximately 2,400 destination weddings a year; Royal Caribbean hosts 800 ceremonies and Norwegian Cruise Lines holds 300. The British company, Cunard, recently registered its ships in Bermuda so it could offer overseas weddings onboard its three ships and couples will be able to get married abroad on Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth or Queen Victoria from April, 2012.

A recent Mintel survey reveals that people aged between 25 and 44 years are likely to have chosen a wedding abroad over a traditional ceremony at home. And many 18 – 34-year-olds would choose nuptials in exotic foreign wedding destinations when the time comes to get married.

Overseas nuptials are also becoming increasingly popular among the older brides and grooms and those who are getting married for a second time. These couples often look for a quieter and more intimate event.

Alaska Fishing Resorts Cut Your Fishing Expenses

Fishing is a known activity among individuals today. In fact, theyre looking for the best options that will allow them to enjoy this activity in the process. With all the Alaska fishing resorts found online, its possible for people to get the right services that hey need and the price they can totally afford.

Most of the time, booking for Alaska fishing resorts can be a bit expensive especially if theyre among the considered popular locations in Alaska. In fact, many of them are considered to be the top accommodation means especially if theyll get the best ones in the market or the all inclusive ones. However, finding them can be a bit expensive compared to other lodges. The following are some of the ways that will allow you to save money in booking their service.

The very first thing you can do is to go online and compare lodges. If youll look online, you’ll find a lot of resorts that offer their services in the market. Make sure to check how much they would charge for each night of stay or in their package. Its important for you to do so especially if you’re in the great need for money. Make sure to check their sites online and see their charges. Remember that its not possible to actually set a service to be the cheapest in the pack. Most of the time, the concept of being affordable goes beyond the price set by the service providers. The perception of the consumer also counts in defining the cheapest price they can get. If you’re on search, do the same comparison procedures to ensure youll find the best Alaska fishing resorts where you can stay.

The next thing for you to do is to go online and book early for their service. Most of the time, they set up packages they will promote for the holidays or fishing season. Since the demand will be high when the even draws near, they will offer these packages so clients will book earlier than expected. This will ensure them that they can save money before this package run out of slots for the package. At this point also, prices will be lowered since it they are looking forward to more people who will book for it.

Finally, booking for Alaska fishing resorts to save money is possible through travel agents. The good ting about agents is they can help you book services with all possible discounts that you can get. These agents have the access on unknown discounts offered to consumers by the service providers. However, its still important to compare prices to find the agents that charge you for less.

In conclusion, being able to fish at Alaska fishing resorts will not only give you the best catches but also great opportunities to save money. With their beauty, you’re assured to have the best vacation that you can have and at the price within your budget. Keep in mind that enjoyment not necessarily means expensive price.

Punta Cana’s Fabulous All Inclusive Resorts

After a busy day of pleasure in the amazing beach resort, night falls and its captivating party scenes and fun does its job and starts the journey in a varied place such as Bavaro. Just about each all inclusive resort hostels have clubs, bars with good music, and all of the conveniences you are able to imagine. It is also feasible to leave the hotel and explore the area, that might be the best advice to resume hearing and enjoying the marvels of Bavaro. The most well-liked party places are : Tropicana, Pacha, Mangu, Areito, La Punta and Palladium Bavaro. The hostels also offers transfers to the same, at an affordable cost, the town also has taxis and transport.

– Night Club Tropicana is among the most well liked clubs and is built inside a natural cavern with a selection of fire and light shows, shows that you’re going to always remember. r.

– Disco Mangu is another one of the most famed of the town and is found in the Bavaro area. It has 2 dance floors blasting salsa, reggeton, merengue, techno, a torrent of gorgeous girls and a good atmosphere. As you like Bavaro you can also enjoy fine dining in the environment of your resort. Pretty much all hostels in Bavaro have glorious and sundry eateries offering a spread of dishes for all tastes, which mixes the cuisine of Dominican Republic with world. Calm summers in Punta Cana occur between June and Aug. But the once a year elevated temperatures are reasonably unceasing at between twenty-seven and 31 degree Celsius all the year round! So, even winter time in Punta Cana is a perfect time to absorb the sun and relax on the inviting shores.

This pleasant weather and continuing sun makes this an extremely fascinating destination for those intending to swap dull winters at work with hot, bright days on the white sands of South America. Due to the shocking beaches available, watersports are abundant in Punta Cana and visitors from across the world are counseled to take part in exciting pastimes like snorkelling, waterskiing, jet-skiing and underwater diving during their stay.

The nightlife of Punta Cana has, for a long while attracted the young generation to this party capital. Hostels discos and clubs are liberally splattered all though this city and do not offer deficit of entertainment – from lazy cocktails to onstage music and top DJ’s. Other visitor attractions include : Manati Park ( a fun filled water park which will pleasure each members of the family ) Piazza Bolera Punta Cana ( a mall and bowling alley in one ) Quay Palma Real ( a wonderful shopping centre in Bavaro ) Saona Island ( the best point from which to SCUBA dive and see the variety f life underneath the outer layer of the sea ) it’s very important that anybody planning to pay Punta Cana a visit remember that June to Nov are the hurricane months. This suggests better costs, but also that care must be taken, particularly if you’re counting on brining your folks. The Punta Cana airfield Shared Roundtrip Transfers permit the visitors to South America to go between the airfield of Punta Cana and their hotel in the Dominican Republic. This transfer system is a round trip and is available each day of the week, for twenty four hours per day.

This guarantees the final safety and convenience to the travellers and neighbors of Punta Cana. This service is available to 2 areas ; i.e. Bavaro, Punta Cana and Uvero Alto. On organising these transfers, it is critical that that we are informed of your flight and accommodation details. Travel vouchers are issued straight away, and these are then used to redeem transfers to and from the airfield. Punta Cana is undeniably one of the most desired beachfront resort destinations in the world.

As visitors absorb the sun on wonderful beaches, take a dip in refreshing, turquoise waters and finish off a warm day under the warm, South American sky, it is straightforward to grasp why such exotic locales lure visitors from every area of the word.

Belinda Krusor writes about Travel and Finance

punta cana weather

Belinda Krusor writes about Travel and Finance.

Most Exotic Fitness Spas and Resorts

There are numerous fitness spas and resorts that offer a variety of treatments to rejuvenate your body and mind and make you physically agile and mentally alert and slow down your aging process. Visitors come in large numbers to undergo the wellness therapy that consist of body work, lymphatic massage, aromatherapy, yoga and meditation, body scrub, mineral salt scrub, facials and cocoons. There are also skin treatments, facial, hair and body tanning treatment. Most fitness spas and resorts are well preserved, friendly and comfortable and are usually small and compact and have multiple treatment rooms. The most exotic fitness spa resorts have a variety of spa packages that offer different treatments. The spas feature a large suite with spa tub and shower, herbal and Finnish sauna, reflexology foot drops, ice fountain and aroma steam bath. They also provide the porch and manicure and pedicure treatments. As heat and water can provide enormous health benefits, most fitness spas include exclusive water features. The aqua therapy features a 30-by-15-foot therapy pool with airbed loungers, a torrent cascade, neck fountains and an air tub with body rub jet counter. A part of the pool area contains a wide thermal suite and whirlpool featuring herbal and sensory showers, adventure related activities like windsurfing, rock climbing and Para-sailing. Fitness spa resorts feature many premium facilities like original sea planetarium, first-class dining comfort, a theater, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a casino, hot tubs, kid-friendly facilities, boutiques, large wine collections, libraries and ballrooms. A fitness spa is a type of spa that typically incorporates elements of dieting, exercise, recreation and total body rejuvenation as a method of helping their clients. During their stay, a trained weight management professional will evaluate the clients’ weight loss needs. Besides, a fitness spa usually employs fitness trainers, nutritionists, healthcare personnel and counselors to work with their clients on all fitness programs.

Spa resorts are places where you will be provided with healthy, nutritious and delicious meals coupled with boot camp workouts and fitness retreats. Fitness spas teach stress-management methods as well as provide individual help with diet guidelines by a qualified dietitian, sports conditioning and exercise physiology by experienced professionals. Many fitness spas also organize wellness education seminars.

Whether you want to get away from the din and bustle of routine living, lose weight, recover from stress, improve your fitness levels, undergo a rejuvenation therapy, then fitness spas and resorts are the places you have to look for. Most spa resorts allow for individual attention and encourage exploration into new areas of physical fitness.

Most of the fitness resorts are located in places that are surrounded by natural sceneries, quaint hillocks and gorgeous landscapes. In the fitness resorts, you can expect a variety of programs and water treatment exercises. You will also undergo various boot camp workouts such as cardio workouts, weight training and other exercises that strengthen your physical structure. The more expensive luxury fitness spas provide all-inclusive care, with meals, posh accommodations, body & mind exercise classes and wellness lectures. These luxury spas often offer perks such as private massage therapy, fine dining, and luxurious suites. In addition, many of them have on-site hair stylists and beauty consultants. They may also offer low-stress activities such as swimming or golfing.

The secret to a healthy and fit body also includes involving ourselves in fitness resorts or fitness spas that helps in keeping us in good shape.The boot camp vacation varies from individual to individual and helps in attaining the target. For more information visit our site

Abu Dhabi’s Desert Islands Resort And Spa By Anantara Receives Green Globe Certification

The Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara in Abu Dhabi has been recognised for its environmental policies and achievements and has received the renowned Green Globe certification.

Situated on the Sir Bani Yas Island off the coast of Abu Dhabi, the upscale resort aims to provide eco-friendly Abu Dhabi holidays by reducing energy consumption, minimising the use of water and promoting the awareness of local culture and community to its guests.

We are actively engaged in our adherence to the Green Globe Standard for Sustainable Travel and Tourism. This recognition highlights Anantaras sincere commitment to operating in an environmentally, socially, and culturally responsible manner, commented the General Manager at Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara, Christian Zunk.

Our yearly Guest Satisfaction Survey score remains well above the industry average and shows that our commitment to the environment and the service we provide exceeds guest expectations. Without restricting their comfort in any way, Anantaras environmental culture also extends to communication on sustainability issues with our guests.

Sink aerators and low-flow showers and toilets have been installed throughout the hotel and energy efficient lighting and a waste management programme is in place.

Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara is located on the Arabian Gulf, 8km off the west coast of Abu Dhabi and offers a luxurious experience for tourists taking holidays to Abu Dhabi.

The five-star property is nestled within the grounds of a thriving nature reserve and during holidays in Abu Dhabi, guests can relax on the pristine beach, swim or snorkel in the warm ocean waters or the shoreline infinity swimming pool, and explore the vast area on nature and wildlife walks.

The resort is regarded as one of the most luxurious Abu Dhabi hotels with 64 elegant rooms and suites and a wide range of facilities that guest can enjoy while taking an Abu Dhabi holiday, such as gourmet restaurants and sophisticated lounges and bars; a Teen and Kids Club; library; a modern fitness centre and tennis courts; a watersports centre; and a lavish Anantara Spa.

Sir Bani Yas Island is a working wildlife sanctuary where visitors can catch sightings of endangered animals as well as beautiful creatures such as giraffes, cheetahs, gazelles, antelope and striped hyenas. The animals roam freely within the beautiful natural protected landscapes and the ocean waters are home to dolphins, sea turtles and many other spectacular marine species.

Ice Fishing At Wheelers Point Resort And Lodge

Whether you’re an expert angler or a first-time fisherman, you can’t beat Minnesota ice fishing!

Minnesota ice fishing is the best in the world. If you’re after prize Northern Pike or Walleye, though, you’ll want to seriously consider Lake of the Woods ice fishing.

Lake of the Woods is located at the top of northern Minnesota, in what many people consider “God’s country.” The lake itself is huge, about 80 miles long and 60 miles wide, and straddles the United States and Canada border. It’s home to many large fish, including Walleye, Sauger, Northern Pike and Sturgeon. You might say this lake is an angler’s paradise.

Most Lake of the Woods resorts offer ice fishing as well as traditional warm weather fishing. However, many anglers swear that by far, ice fishing for Walleye is the most exhilarating and satisfying fishing experience.

What can you expect when you go ice fishing for Walleye? Many people envision sitting on a bucket over a frozen lake, chilled by frigid winter snow and winds, trying to reel in a rod with frost-bitten fingers.

This picture couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Today’s ice fisherman can take advantage of many comfortable innovations, including a nice, warm ice fishing house. Imagine fishing in a small cabin, complete with heat, toilet facilities, even a cooking stove and bunks for a nap when desired. There are several small holes drilled in the floor so that you can drop your hook and line and ice fish for Walleye, all in the comfort of your snug ice fishing house. Some people like to stay overnight on the ice in their sleeper fish house.

And the best part is that anyone, young or old, can ice fish.

If you can bait your hook with a minnow and drop your line through a hole in the ice, then you can ice fish! Just jiggle your line every so often to help the passing Walleye or Northern Pike notice your bait and before you know it, you’ll be pulling in a prize fish. Of course, a Minnesota fishing report can provide you with some of the best Walleye fishing techniques.

If you need more help, any Lake of the Woods resort can suggest additional ice fishing tips.

Okay, now you’re ready to try ice fishing. How do you know when the fish are biting? One way is to look at the Lake of the Woods fishing report. Minnesota fishing reports are available online and from most resorts, and you’ll want to be prepared for your Lake of the Woods ice fishing expedition.

What’s included in a Minnesota fishing report? Generally other anglers will note where they’re finding fish, for example, the depth of the water, weather conditions, whether the fish are found near the shore or out farther, and so on. You’ll want to check a Lake of the Woods fishing report before you head out on the lake, because this will be one of your Walleye fishing techniques – you want to go where the fish are!

Why do anglers like to fish for Walleye and Northern Pike? Walleye are a delicious fish, with firm white flesh and very little, if any, -fishy- taste or odor. Northern Pike are a fighting fish, and provide the fisherman with a battle that can be thrilling!

Really, Lake of the Woods ice fishing is unparalleled.

So you’ve decided that Minnesota ice fishing is for you. How do you determine which Minnesota fishing resort is best? One way is to check on reviews for local Lake of the Woods resorts. You’ll want to see what other people have said about each resort. For example, do previous anglers say good things about their stay? Were they pleased with their hosts and their fishing experience? And most important, did they catch fish?

Of course, it’s always a good idea to contact a few Minnesota fishing resorts personally. You can tell a lot from a telephone conversation! A Lake of the Woods resort rep who answers your questions helpfully and politely will provide a good indication of what your ice fishing holiday will be like.

Many Lake of the Woods resorts offer ice fishing tips and the Lake of the Woods fishing report. One of the best Minnesota fishing resorts is Wheelers Point Resort. They’ve been around a long time, and you can benefit from their many years of angling experience. Wheelers Point offers ice fishing houses for large and small groups and can custom tailor your ice fishing experience.

Skiing Package at V Resorts Narkanda Cottage

Located at an altitude of 8600ft on the Hindustan Tibet road (NH – 22), just 44 kms away from Simla, Narkanda is the closest Skiing Point in North India, offering spectacular views and is a skier’s paradise in the winter. The resort offers activities for the skier and non-skier alike; it offers not only great outdoor activities but also great culinary delights. During winters when the white snow envelopes the green, the slopes of Narkanda come alive with skiers. The skiing area is a dream with manicured pistes, deep-snow slopes, and mountains perfect for ski tours. If you are looking for a perfect winter sports destination Narkanda is your answer. Great weather, brilliant resort, incredible vertical drops, amazing cuisine, great hospitality is just a few of the many reasons why you should visit Narkanda this winter. For non-skiers, there’s plenty to do and see, Mountain Bike, Rappelling, Valley Crossing, Tree Climbing, Burma Bridge. Enjoy the dreamy weather go for a trek to the orchards and enjoy the evening bonfire with some drinks and hot tasty snacks. Package Inclusions: Accommodation on SGL / TWIN / DBL basis as per package plan. Daily breakfast, Lunch or Packed sandwich & Juice (on SKI day) and Dinner. Evening Bonfire along with snacks of choice Free access to in-house activities for entertainment. Short trek to orchids (below resort). Morning & Evening tea with cookies. Pick-up & drop facility from resort to Ski Point. Instructor Fees Equipment Charges Happy to Serve (Carry your drinks) Snack’s of choice is on extra charges. Please bring following along with you: Gum boots/snow boots or mountain jersey, mountaineering boots for walking on snow. Small torch with cells. Woollen/leather gloves. Heavy woollens Wind proof or padded jacket. Dark glasses. Early Bird – Stay & Ski Package at V Resorts – Narkanda Cottage 03 Nights-Rs 13,800/- (Single) Rs 16,800(Couple) 04 Nights – Rs 18,800/- (Single) Rs 23,000(Couple) 05 Nights – Rs 22,500/- (Single) Rs 27,500(Couple)

For Bookings: Call 8130 777 222/ email us at / Visit

Valid – 1st January-31st January’14

Couples Book 12-12-12 Date For Memorable Caribbean Weddings

Hotels and resorts across the Caribbean have launched special wedding packages and promotions for couples planning to get married on this years triple date 12/12/12.

Hundreds of engaged couples are planning Caribbean weddings on what will be the last triple date for 89 years and wedding planners are busy organising special ceremonies across the region.

Triple dates occur twelve times in every hundred years and this years triple date is said to be lucky because in numerology, the number 12 is regarded as the number of completeness because there are 12 hours on the clock, 12 months in the year and 12 signs in the zodiac.

This years triple date falls on a Wednesday and though this is not a typical day for destination weddings, hundreds of couples are booking 12th December at venues across the Caribbean and the rest of the world so they can get married on the unique date.

Sandals and Beaches Resorts already have 92 Caribbean weddings booked across their 18 resorts and they are offering a complimentary Beautiful Beginnings ceremony to all couples who book 12/12/12 weddings and stay for a minimum of six nights.

In 2011, Sandals hosted 150 weddings in the Caribbean on the last triple date 11/11/11.

Breezes Resorts has seven Jamaica weddings booked on the lucky date and couples will receive resort credit equalling 12 per cent of their total stay, including upgraded wedding packages and accommodation.

Couples planning weddings abroad at Ocean Two Resort & Residences and South Beach Hotel in Barbados between 1st November and 12th December, 2012 will be able to take advantage of a $12 traditional wedding package if they stay for a minimum of 12 nights. Family and friends attending the Barbados wedding will also receive a 12 per cent discount on accommodation at the hotel.

The Amaryllis Beach Resort in Barbados is offering a complimentary package worth $850 when brides and grooms book a suite for a week. They will also receive a 25 per cent discount on rooms until 21st December, 2012 but bookings must be made by 15th April, 2012.

Hiltons El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico has a special offer for its Love in the Sun package. Couples pay $5,000 (saving $2,012) and they will receive the wedding ceremony, venue, minister, photographs, music, drinks vouchers, room upgrades, champagne and chocolate on the wedding night and passes to the water park.