Sandals Launches New Interactive App To Help Couples Plan Customised Caribbean Weddings

Sandals Resorts got busy promoting weddings and honeymoons in the Caribbean during the recent Caribbean Travel and Cultural Fair which took place at the Vanderbilt Hall of Grand Central Terminal in New York City earlier this month.

During the event, Sandals launched a new interactive online wedding designer application for couples planning tailor-made Caribbean weddings at Sandals Resorts.

The new user-friendly app named, Your Wedding, Your Style, allows loved-up couples to customise their destination weddings with the help of an online wedding portal where more than 7,000 photographs have been uploaded. Users can then choose their flowers,colour scheme, decor, place cards, the wedding cake and much more.

Speaking at the Caribbean event, Sandals CEO Adam Stewart, said: “The new bride is tech-savvy so we were forced to move away from packaged weddings. Brides have the option to have their destination wedding, reception and honeymoon planned online or over the phone.”

The event also held a contest where military couples from the United States were invited to submit an essay stating why they deserved a Caribbean wedding at a Sandals Resort. The finalists gathered in Vanderbilt Hall for an official bouquet toss for the chance to win a WeddingMoon of their choice. Maria and Jason Yates from New Jersey caught the bouquet and they chose a Jamaica wedding worth $8,000.

Mr Stewart announced a surprise to the disappointed couples just after the bouquet toss that they would all receive free Caribbean honeymoons at a Sandals Resort.

Sandals Resorts offers plenty of idyllic spots for romantic Caribbean weddings and the hotel group has luxury resorts in tropical destinations including St Lucia, Antigua, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

Couples getting married abroad at Sandals Resorts can choose from a several settings for their island nuptials including soft sandy beaches for intimate beach weddings at sunset, nuptials within lush tropical gardens, or ceremonies in grand ballrooms.

The new interactive app is just one of the programmes that is available from the Sandals Resorts official website and hopeful brides and grooms will also be able to plan their destination weddings with the help of wedding guru, Martha Stewart. Wedding packages include including Flutter of Romance, Seaside Serenade, Island Paradise, Vision in White and Chic & Natural.

“I think we have another big hit on our hands. Our Martha Stewart wedding packages helped to put Sandals weddings on the global market. With this new product, I’m certain brides will find a Sandals wedding an attractive option. Every day at Sandals we go to work to make it better for two people in love, that’s what Sandals is about,” added Mr Stewart.

Peak 10 Of Breckenridge Ski Resort

The Super Falcon chair lift in Breckenridge, CO opened in 1985, this made peak 10 the third mountain to be opened at Breckenridge Ski Resort. Peak 10’s double black terrain is plentiful. All the extreme double diamond terrain is on the south side of the mountain. With great runs like mustang which offers moguls, trees and more. The top part of Mustang is relatively flat, but don’t be fooled. This flat part suddenly drops into the steep part of the mountain
Towards the end of the run, there is huge natural hit and the landing is perfect but be careful not to go to big or else you will land of the flat. After the hit make sure you get enough speed for the cat walk. If you snowboard, beware, the traverse to the lift can be exhausting. There are five other double black runs on the southside all are pretty similar to Mustang with steeps and mogels. Quiver, Elan, Trinity, Black Hawk and Darkrider will challenge even the most experienced skier.
If you’re riding the Southside don’t forget about the brilliant Cimmaron ski run. If you like speed with a lot of rollers, You’ll love Cimmaron. This ski run has a giant slalom feel to it with good reason. They actually hold world cup races on this run. Once you pick up speed with this run, you’ll have a much easier traverse at the bottom. The southside is the absolute best on a powder day, but I recommend you avoid the double black runs on sunny days.
The north side of peak 10 has less vertical than the south side, but the north side has two of the greatest tree or mogel runs in Corsair and the Burn. Corsair is a little steeper than the burn, and it also has a tighter trees, but if you want to get the most bang for the buck, try starting at corsair and traverse skiers right and I promise you a long fresh run. When you pull up to the corsair mogul run, go left into the trees and I promise it all opens up into an amazing powder field.
The Burn is just below Corsair and offers wide open tree runs with absolultely perfect spacing of the trees. If you keep going to the right side when coming down the Burn, your run will be much longer.
One more run worth mentioning is the Crystal . This runs straight down the middle under the Falcon Chair. This run is a great run for an intermediate skiers looking to take that next step towards being a more aggressive skier. As a warning and tip, if you happen to be riding Breckenridge on a Saturday or Sunday, the lift lines can get extremely long. So my advice to you is to tryout peak10 early in the morning and by 10:30am, you can go to other lifts on Peak 9 or Peak 8 and there won’t be much of a line.

Fridays Beach Resort To Open Branch In Puerto Galera

Fridays Boracay Beach Resort, a world-renowned premiere resort nestled on Boracays pristine white beach, is now expanding to help boost tourism in the Philippines. With its recent ground breaking and construction of the resort-hotel at Boquete Beach in the lagoons of Puerto Galera, Fridays Puerto Galera is expected to open next year catering to foreign and local clients, with the first 18 rooms to be opened to loyal clients before the December The Fridays holiday period.

Boquete Beach at Puerto Galera was designed to have 75 rooms, with spa and idyllic carefree resort features, and most importantly, conforming to indigenous design and environmentally blended architecture, once fully completed at end 2010. Boulevard Holdings Inc. appointed the same world class architects from the Maldives, who have listed Conde Nast Traveler ranked properties such as the Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Resort Hotel of 120 rooms at Kuda Huraa Atoll Maldives and many more, as some of their projects.

Fridays Boracay and Fridays Boquete Beach resorts are owned and developed by Boulevard Holdings Inc. Just recently, BHI disclosed the sale of 100% of its interest in Alliance Technologies Corporation (ATC) and Avrion Systems, Inc. (ASI), old information technology (IT) industry players in the telecommunications equipment business for contact centers and enterprises. The company declared that Alliance Technologies Corporation and Avrion Systems, Inc. would no longer be connected with the hotel, property and investment holding company.

BHI Chairman, Jose Marcel Panlilio said that, We are mindful that our board directors, investors and clients have recognized the value of investment and concentration in the resort hotel business. Selling ATC and ASI is a major decision and a challenge that we have to face. With the current economic crisis, the company decided to invest in something that will help the country boost tourism and gain premium profits as well. The yield is better.

The company expects to add to overall sales with the full opening of Fridays Boquete Beach at Puerto Galera at the end of 2010. According to Mrs. Nicole Morris, Sr. Adviser to Fridays Resorts, There have already been many pre-bookings for the Fridays Puerto Galera unit from our loyal client lists of 29,000 repeat guests from the Fridays Boracay Resort. We are hopeful with the right execution of the project we shall deliver.

BHI also estimates the employment of 220 people for Fridays Puerto Galera, tourism being deemed as an alternative to help fight unemployment in the country. With this, Panlilio remarked, Resort developers like us and many others, for as long as they continue to do sensible and environmentally blended resorts and resort destination infrastructure, while getting their economic payback, will help the country ease its way out of the global slump and temporary tourism decline.

Hotels In Thekkady Reside Amidst The Natural Beauty

Thekkady the home to the exotic wildlife sanctuary, natural spice and scenic is one of the most preferred holidaying destinations of Kerala. Every year a large number of tourists from all over the world come to Thekkady to enjoy their vacation in a memorable and delightful way. One can explore the refreshing beauty of nature, different species of birds and the majestic elephants roaming in the natural abundance. Well if you want to experience the magic of nature from close point, Thekkady is the right place to visit. In this beautiful destination there are many hotels and resorts, perfectly situated amidst the beauty of nature and are dedicated to cater the needs of tourists. Hotels in Thekkady are well equipped with modern amenities and cater the needs of each and every thing tourists are looking for in Thekkady.
Here are some of the hotels and resorts in Thekkady.
Ranger Wood Nature Castle
Sandra Palace Thekkady
Wild Corridor
Hotel Tree Top
Carmelia Heaven
Silver Creast
Periyar Meadows
Green Woods Resorts
Lake Queen Hotel
Muthoot Cardamom Country Resort
Hotel SN International
The Spice Village Thekkady

These hotels and resorts in Thekkady are very popular among tourists and honeymoon couples who come here to enjoy their vacation. These hotels provide exotic rooms with all the modern facilities to make the stay a memorable experience of lifetime. A personal member of the hotel will take care of all your need and demands so that you have a wonderful stay in these Thekkady resorts and hotels.
Some of the popular tourist attraction in Thekkady
Cardamom Hills: It is a mountainous region that produces cardamom, spice and other spice plantation. It also offers breathtaking view of the scenic natural beauty.
Kumily: It is known for its spice plantation and is popularly known as Spice Village.
Kurisumala: It is a beautiful place that offers wonderful opportunity to see the beauty of nature at its best. One can also enjoy Trekking, mountain climbing and other kinds of adventure sports in a delightful way in this nature blessed destination.
Beside these there are many other beautiful destinations like Pullumedu, Pandikuzhi, Vandanmedu, Vandiperiyar, etc. Come for a Kumarakom tours and enjoy the beauty of the nature and the warm hospitality and world class accommodation facilties offered by hotels & resorts in Kumarakom. Your holiday in Kumarakom will truly be a lifetime experience. Come and feel it!

Relax, Play and Dine at Fort Myers Beach Resorts

Back in the old days, people used to go out and hunt and gather their food. Entertainment consisted of drawing on the sides of caves, and relaxation meant someone was able to get five hours of sleep without being attacked by a wild animal. It’s not the old days anymore, which is why you should not live like a caveman. Instead of roughing it like the old Cro-Magnon man, book a room at one of the magnificent Fort Myers beach resorts during your vacation. You will have everything you need within walking distance, and you will live like royalty.

Your distant ancestors may have been forced to trap their meal and then eat them by the fire, but you’re more civilized, which is why you will enjoy dining at one of the restaurants you will find at the various Fort Myers resorts. When you stay at a resort, it’s easy to find delicious food like steak, fresh seafood and hamburgers. In addition, some of the resorts have their own yachts they use to host brunches and dinner cruises. You will get to think about how far you have come when you sit on the yacht and enjoy your meal. You’ll be thinking, -Cro-Magnon who? I’m like royalty.-

Resorts are also big on fun. From swimming pools to sports courts, you won’t be stuck looking for something to do when you stay at one of the resorts in Fort Myers.

Relaxation is also important when you’re on vacation, and hotels like the Marriott Fort Myers understand that. That’s why they offer spas, large guestrooms with balconies and sweeping views of Sanibel and Captiva Island.

Resorts in Fort Myers, Florida make it easy to relax and have a great time. Your ancestors struggled to survive so you wouldn’t have to. Forget about hunting, gathering and being bored.

Belize City Resorts The perfect place to enjoy your stay!

Not as popular and crowded as other Caribbean destinations, Belize in Central America is still an unspoilt and a marvelous vacation choice. It is a relaxed, friendly and laid back place nearby to both Mexico and Guatemala with most of the population speaking English. This is an ideal holiday spot for honeymoon-goers, family outings and for individuals who need a break in-between hectic city lifestyle. It is relatively a cheap place to stay with many beautiful Belize City Resorts with comfortable accommodation and really delicious food. If you are more of a nature lover then you’ll surely love to stay at a Belize jungle resort in the midst of sweet smelling colorful flowers, beautiful birds and amazing wildlife.

Belize is home to many natural habitats and the scenic beauty is worth appreciating. There are innumerable natural sight-seeing spots that include coral reefs, rainforests, beautiful waterfalls, different types of sea life etc. Belize is simply a paradise on Earth, and a truly exciting place for adventure enthusiasts. Belize has something to offer to everybody. It also has an interesting historical background and archaeological attractions in the form of Mayan ruins. You can try out cave tubing and visit the mysterious Mayan caves in an inflated tube; an experience which you’ll not forget for a lifetime. Staying at a Belize jungle resort can provide benefits such as you can easily rush to the river for a swim, river rafting, kayaking etc. or go for trekking inside the jungles.

The weather in Belize is mostly hot and tropical the year round, so while packing your bags be sure to include shorts, t-shirts, and bathing suits. However, if you are travelling in the winter months you should take a few sweaters along. Getting to Belize is not a tough job; especially with so many websites, online booking options and reliable travel agents to book your flights and maybe your whole trip for you. You can also conduct a thorough search and book your rooms online for Belize City Resorts from the comforts of your home. The best time to go to Belize is from November to May or June. Belize is a beautiful little country with plenty to see and do. It’s perfect for people who are interested in beautiful wildlife, exciting adventures, experiencing a rich underwater sea world, and gorging on scrumptious food.

The Embodiment Of Absolute Pleasure Hedonism 2 Resorts

The world today is full of people who yearn for the chance to have a good time. A good time connotes to many things but one of the most predictable things is having a good time full of absolute pleasure.

Hedonism resorts all over the world have been able to bestow this aspect of pleasure in the most realistic form feasible. The ultimate synonym for the word pleasure is now turning out to be hedonism 2.

The location of these resorts have spanned countries and borders and have, therefore, taken the aspect of global aspects of utopian ecstasy. Utopia is a word that is given the illustrative aspect of reality in the activities that one can do in hedonism resorts. Hence, one can play pool on the swimming pool with the pool table floating on the water. One can take a sip of an exotic cocktail while watching the expertise of the ‘fire handler’.

Hedonism 2 resorts give many features that one can never think off. A wedding chapel on the beach with the cool breeze wafting over the area is one of the features. Another one is the infinite expanse of the ocean in the form of scuba diving and snorkelling. Hence, one can take a shore dive at the Breezes Curacao resort Spa & Casino. The underlying tenet of hedonism is, therefore, given the hallowed form of perfection in the form of these resorts.

Infinite reaches in the feature of information about these resorts is also one of the realities residing in the form of numerous websites that deal with the activity of providing information about these resorts. One of the good examples of such websites is and the reason for this website being a good one lies in its features, its structure and also in its versatility.

Listening to attractive features naturally inclines the mind to the yearning to undergo one such feature. This yearning is given the face of reality in the facility of resort reservations being given on this website. Hence, the person who wants to take the fun a hedonism type vacation can go to this website.

He can, therefore, check out the information that is provided about the various types of resorts and can also make a reservation for him and his beloved for a vacation on any one of the resorts.

This blend of the facilities (provided by hedonism 2 resorts) and the overall accessibilities given by the websites with one of them mentioned in the above paragraph is a reality. The result has been pure magic in the form of more and more number of people taking a holiday in a resort of their choice.

Kauai Vacation Rental Anini Beach Resorts And Tourist Spots

When looking for the most suitable Kauai rentals for you, familiarize yourself with the major tourists spots of Kauai. There are several Kauai Vacation Rental Anini Beach apartments on the Island. Kauai offers a wonderful view from the mountains as well as from beaches, including the well-known Anani Beach. To fully enjoy your stay, look for locations near fun-filled hotspots as well as quiet sanctuaries.

Flora and Fauna

When you arrive at Kauai you immediately sense the call of the wild. The island is filled with mysterious flora and peculiar sea animals. For the adventurous at heart, Kauai is the best place to hike, do mountain climbing, snorkel and dive.

For those who love fresh air, the mountains or trees, search for apartments that are established near gardens, parks, forests, jungles, rivers or mountains. Well-known nature parks and trails include Allerton Garden, Limahuli Garden and Preserve, McBryde Garden, Moir Gardens, Na’Aina Kai Botanical Gardens, Fern Grotto, Na Pali Coast State Park, Koke’e State Park and Alakai Wilderness Area.

If you are more into the ocean you have plenty of options. Depending on your taste, there are beaches that are filled with the excitement of water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, surfing and jet skiing. On the other hand, there are more private sanctuaries just around the corner for more peace and quiet. Consider these options when finding the best Kauai Vacation Rental Anini Beach and other beaches. Ask about coastal attractions like the spouting horn, Hanalei Bay, Ke’e Beach and the popular Anini Beach in the North Shore of the Island.

The Renowned Anini Beach

Undoubtedly, Kauai Island is best known for its stunning views. Sunrise and sunsets are best experienced on the beach, especially on Anini Beach. Located alongside the North Shore, Anini Beach is considered one of the safest and most guarded sanctuaries in Kauai. Its major attractions hold Hawaii’s longest reef as well as an abundance of offshore Kamani Trees and ocean wildlife.

Relaxing on the peaceful sands of Kauai is one way to spend the holidays, but why not try something more exciting as well? There are many things to do on the Island like sailing and kayaking in the rivers near Anini Beach. You might also want to take surfing lessons there, as the Island is celebrated as a surfer’s favorite surfing destination. Wonderful Kauai Vacation Rental Anini Beach spots offer the luxury of showers, restrooms and campsites.

Modern Living

While enjoying the natural pleasures of Kauai Island, why not try other modern activities such as golf, tennis, polo and even shopping to serve your specific needs. Kauai Island does have malls and heaps of restaurants, bars and cafes for a great night out. Find a Kauai Vacation Rental Anini Beach apartment where you can easily find places to dine in and enjoy drinks.

For a different scenic experience you can try out boat and helicopter tours. There are many places you can visit in Kauai, but it all boils down to what you’re searching for in a holiday. For more information on your choices, consult with good Kauai Vacation Rental Anini Beach agencies.

Mega Resorts And Hotels In Las Vegas

Mega-Resort and Hotel Report: Bellagio

This grand resort stands out from its competitors in Las Vegas by bringing the unique taste of European tradition and charm to the famous strip in Las Vegas. Upon entering the resort, you are whisked away to a place of tranquility and fortune. The scenery is stunning with sky views from the ceiling and natural plant decorations that leave you feeling wonderful and enchanted. The Bellagio includes almost 3500 rooms and more than 500 guest suites for its guests. There are a multitude of games to play in its 116,000 square foot casino: Blackjack, various styles of Poker, Roulette, Slot Games, Keno, Craps, and many more. Pamper yourself at Spa Bellagio then treat yourself to some of the best food around at Todd English’s Olives or Le Cirque. What would a Las Vegas resort be without entertainment? You have the opportunity to watch the world acclaimed Cirque du Soleil “O” performance which gives you a unique theatrical spectacle. The hotel also offers a free fountain show that transforms the hotel’s lake into an art masterpiece. The resort offers something for everyone, so you are guaranteed to enjoy the experience.

Mega-resort and Hotel Report: Caesars Palace

To get the full experience of Las Vegas, it is a must to be a guest at Caesars Palace. For 46 years, Caesars Palace has welcomed famous legends such as Elton John. Caesars’ colossal 120,000 square foot gaming room really makes this mega-resort special. It also offers first-class shopping in this historical haven and you can easily find all your favorite designer labels such as Gucci, Armani, Dior, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton. These are some excellent choices to remember your time here!

If you feel the need to spend big, reserve a room in the Palace Tower. These suites come with two bathrooms that each have a jacuzzi and shower. Caesars has so much to offer!

Mega-resort and Hotel Report: Circus Circus

Thinking about taking the kids to Las Vegas? It could sound odd to suggest taking a trip to Las Vegas but not with this fantastic resort. Circus Circus is considered the most family-oriented resort on the Las Vegas Strip. (You can also find discounts there at a lower rate than its competitors such as Treasure Island or Excaliber). The thing that makes kids find Circus Circus unforgettable is the continual circus that stays in the resort year-round. The circus show is called Midway and it is given twice an hour totally free to Caesars guests. The Adventurdome Theme Park is a 350,000 square foot adventure that includes life-like animated dinosaurs in a Grand-Canyon-styled setting. Your children will love the amusement rides that excite both young and old. There are the favorite bumper car rides as well as the thrilling roller coaster ride named Miner Mike. For some relaxation and fun at the pool, there are three to choose from at Circus Circus. Children’s pools are also available for the little ones.

Mega-Resort and Hotel Report: Mandalay Bay

If you like the finer things in life and can only accept the best, then Mandalay Bay is for you. Regardless of your reason for coming to Las Vegas: partying, business, enjoying great food and drink, or just relaxing, Mandalay Bay is guaranteed to provide what you need. The resort consists of two towers offering hotel rooms and guest suites designed to provide you a comfortable experience. If you would like to comfort yourself with a massage, bath, wrap, or facial, Spa Mandalay will make you feel refreshed. The resort even includes a casino and bar with an amazing 11-acre beach attached. You can enjoy an abundance of shopping which offer excellent souvenirs and collection items. The casino covers an expansive 135,000 square foot of non-stop casino fun that even includes free poker lessons for the novice poker player. For those visiting on business, guests can make use of the meeting rooms and complete staff that is available to help with business needs throughout your time as a resort guest.

Oh the food! Mandalay Bay includes ten signature dining spots, eight casual dining restaurants, and four fast-food outlets. Mandalay Bay is undoubtedly the place to feel fully spoiled and helps to complete the Las Vegas experience.

Mega-resort and Hotel Report: MGM Grand

Are you a fan of MGM movies? This would be the right place for you at MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas. MGM Grand delivers luxurious rooms and suites, excellent dining, a spacious casino, and a plethora or spa services to satisfy any visitor while staying in this resort. MGM Grand is located on the famous Las Vegas Strip where you can truly feel the spirit of Las Vegas. Nothing is in short supply here. You can easily find fabulous food, take a swim in the waterfall pools, or even take time to watch one of MGM’s famous theater shows. These shows include talents such as the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Paul Anka, George Carlin, and many more. There is even an opportunity to watch the famous Circue Du Soleil theatrical performance. Lay back, feel free, and enjoy the sites like a celebrity as a guest at the MGM Grand Resort.

Mega Resort and Hotel Report: Planet Hollywood Resort

If you love Hollywood memorabilia and like eating at restaurants, then Planet Hollywood is for you. This hotel offers a unique Hollywood experience like no other. Formerly the location of the renowned Aladdin Hotel and Casino, it has been redesigned to attract visitors from all over to its convenient location along the Las Vegas Strip. The resort expands three acres indoors to include two swimming pools overlooking the Las Vegas strip, fine dining restaurants, spa treatments, as well as a mall for shopping lovers. The resort offers many comforts in each guest room to make your visit truly unique. The resort’s Strip Suites come with gorgeous views of the famous Strip.

Where should we begin with the entertainment offered at Planet Hollywood? The Performing Arts Theater which seats up to 7000 people is a great start. There is also the popular Living Room and the “Extra” production set where you can watch a live taping of the famous celebrity news show. Wherever you go in Planet Hollywood, you are guaranteed a glamorous celebrity experience.

Tips To Find Condos In Panama City Beach FL

While planning a vacation in Panama City beach with your family, you can consider staying in a condominium as it offers a home away from home experience, which you will cherish throughout your life. Living in condos in Panama City Beach FL offers you many benefits. You can not only enjoy privacy, but can also have more space to accommodate you and your kids. In a condominium, people feel like at home and enjoy the same luxuries. To spend vacations without any botherations you must book or rent a condominium before actually reaching the city; however, it is essential to make sure that the resort that you are booking offers the best so that you do not have to face any disappointment later.

To make your stay comfortable at condos in Panama City Beach FL, you must start preparing well. Make a list of everything that you require there. Though condominiums have most of the basic amenities such as AC, TV, still make sure you know what you seek. Avoid being influenced by the attractive options and focus on the most important features that can make your vacations memorable. If you need access to a pool or a gymnasium or your kids need their own open spaces to play around, or there is something else that can make your vacations outstanding, then search accordingly.

Know where you can find the condos in Panama City Beach FL as this will make the things easier for you. Various websites and local offices offer loads of information on accommodation available in Panama City Beach. Try to know about the property that you have in mind from your friends and relatives who have already visited the place in the past.

Read the reviews about the condominiums and check what other people have to say about the features and their experiences while staying there. The Chamber of commerce and the visitors bureau of the city can also help you find the right condominium. Going through the advertisement sites may also help you find a reasonable property.

Though it is not possible to have a look at the condominium before you check in, however, you can search around the vicinity and find out what facilities are available there. There should be nice restaurants and other attractions nearby so that you and your family can have the best time. It should offer a beautiful view of the beach. Aqua Resort provides quality Panama City Beach condominiums and vacation rentals. They have one of the most luxurious top condos in panama city beach fl, which are on the sugar white sands of the Gulf of Mexico. Their one, two, and three bedroom condo rentals offer myriad of amenities that are available in top beach resorts. This well-designed resort is located at a short distance from the famous Pier Park, a lifestyle center. While being in the resort and the city, you can avail various entertainment opportunities.

Panama City Beach, Florida, the Globe’s most Wonderful Seashores and home to one of the most amazing ruby coastlines in the South east. If you have never frequented the area, you’ll love the beauty and natural establishing Panama City Beach provides along with the family-oriented actions and fascination.

There’s no finer way to experience the best of Florida’s condos than with a luxury beach vacation home from Aqua Resorts. Aqua vacation rentals offer luxury vacation rentals all along the Florida Gulf Coast, from white sand beaches to the lively Panama City Beach.