Best Cairns Resorts

There is nothing more pleasurable than residing in one of the many wonderful Cairns resorts during your vacation to the region. This place is known for having some of the most fascinating resorts in all of Australia set amidst beautiful natural surroundings and offering high-class living experience.

Some of the top rated Cairns resorts are mentioned below:

Paradise Palms Resort & Country Club

The single most important factor that makes this resort one of the top-rated accommodation choices in the region is its location. The property is located at the foothills of a rainforest clad mountain providing an awe-inspiring experience and a fascinating view. Along with the wonderful location, The Paradise Palms Resort and Country Club is renowned for offering world-class visitor living experience. It features master-planned golf courses and has more than 96 room resort openings to offer. Visitors have the option to choose from a variety of different accommodation styles ranging from spacious hotel rooms to self catering apartments.

Q Resorts Cascade Gardens

If you are looking to embark on a tropical getaway then this particular property offers you a casual and relaxed environment acting as the perfect base for your vacation in Cairns. The property features spacious studio and one-bedroom self-contained apartments, all of which have been attached balconies. The strategic location of the property places it at an ideal spot just a stone’s throw away from the center of the central business district. The Cairns Esplande along with a variety of other restaurants, cafs and shopping centers are located within the proximity of 200 m from the property.

The Lakes Cairns Resort & Spa

This particular resort is a fine example of the kind of luxury and indulgence you will be able to enjoy on your trip to Cairns. The resort gives you a feel of the wonderful rainforest Mountains as well as the spectacular Great Barrier Reef making it the perfect place to enjoy the tropical climate of the region. One of the most distinctive features of this resort is the village like environment that it has to offer. However the hotel apartments have been designed with contemporary aesthetics in mind along with which they are fully loaded with all the modern amenities. The property is spread over 11 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, beach lagoon pools and lakes. It has been rated as a 4 star resort. You will also have the opportunity to relax and unwind at the Day spa on the property or dine at the wonderful Rambutan Resturuant on site. Alternatively you can even cook your own barbecue by the pool. The property is located just 3 km from Kane city center. Alongside you will have more than 300 acres of tropical flora and fauna to explore. This territory forms part of the Cairns Botanical Gardens which is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the region.

The amazing locations and the high standard of services of Cairns resorts are what make them an excellent choice as holiday accommodation. Along with this they are perfect for travelers who want to enjoy the relaxed and flexible living experience that resorts have to offer.

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Whitsundays Island Resorts A Perfect Choice For Your Whitsunday Holiday

Located in central Queensland in the vicinity of the Great Barrier Reef the Whitsundays Island Resorts are an ideal holiday destination for people from all over the world. Situated approximately 1,100 km North of Brisbane and 700 km South of Cairns the Whitsunday Holiday Resorts are reachable by air (two airports), land (by car, train or by coach) or by sea (boats and also cruises between the Whitsunday islands).

The Whitsundays are a group of 74 tropical islands located in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. More than 70% of their territory is declared National and Marine Park hosting a variety of animals and plants protected by law. A tourist will enjoy not only the scenery but also could try the holiday activities on the various Whitsunday islands including diving, tennis, golf, archery, windsurfing, paddle skis, snorkelling or bushwalking.

Whitsunday Holiday Resorts each offer something different and yet something so alike to the imagined paradise. Some of the most desirable Whitsunday holiday destinations are: Hayman Island (where luxury is standard making the island a preferred vacation destination), Hamilton Island (a different family lifestyle island village atmosphere enjoyable for the people who want the unusual), Daydream Island Resort (one of the smallest islands from the Whitsundays is most appreciated by families). Hook Island (has 405 hectares declared as National Park), Club Med Lindeman Island (offers the possibility of total isolation and taking circus lessons!!!). Long Island Resort (has some of the best Whitsundays beaches and also with rainforest and frangipanis, coconut palms and flame trees), the least but not the last is Palm Bay Hideaway (a remote resort good for individuals or families wanting to get away from the civilisation).

The most desired Whitsunday holiday resorts is Daydream Island Resort which offers holiday packages for couples and for families. Although in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef the resort is easily reachable via Shute Harbour, Airlie Beach, or Hamilton Island. It has 289 rooms, weddings, honeymoon suites and conference centres. Its spa is sought by the famous from all over the world. Another interesting point is the Outdoor Aquarium which holds more than 40 species of marine fishes and 50 coral varieties. A very interesting thing is that around this resort in the surrounding lagoons you find the famous Disney Cartoon species of fish clownfish best known as Nemo. The resort offers also great entertaining activities: mini golf, restaurants, bars, pools, sauna, spa, tennis courts and a popular outdoor cinema.

The most expensive holiday destination in the Whitsundays Island Resorts is Hayman Island. The five star resort offers 228 guest rooms, suites, penthouses and a beach villa. All the buildings (accommodation, restaurants, marine facilities) are not taller than four stories, all being designed to showcase the beauty of nature where man is just a guest. The resort offers the best luxurious services existent among them being included a luxurious wide known spa. The luxurious resort offers also business accommodation: meeting centres and the necessary equipments: payphones, fax machines, internet connection. But we dont mistake if we proclaim this resort the best wedding holiday destination. The romantic atmosphere of the place combined with the refined services provided make it one of the most desired Whitsunday holiday destinations.

Another enchanting Whitsunday holiday destination is South Molle Island Resort a true tropical island as in the movies. In here the tourists can benefit from the great beaches, tropical scenery and the National Park reservations. The services provided by this islands resort are: air conditioned accommodation, restaurants, bars, lounges, fitness centre, spa, swimming pool, tennis court, and so on.

All this gives you an idea of Whitsunday Holiday Resorts. So if you are looking for summer holiday destinations think about a tropical island stay at one of Whitsundays Island Resorts