Global Resorts Network Versus Primo Vacations, It Is Your Choice

Global Resorts Network is a company that supplies vacation lodging at discounted rates to its members. You have to pay for your membership and then you book your vacation through the company, choosing from the resorts they have listed. They are not time shares, so there are no annual or maintenance fees and you are not restricted with dates you can use them. There are many companies like this, including Primo Vacations, and they all work on the same principle. The differences between them are such things as the cost of the membership, the number of rentals they have, where they are located and the cost of the rentals.

Global Resorts Network Versus Primo Vacations first starts with the price of the membership. GRN offers two memberships. There is a three year (gold) membership for $1,495 that allows you three weeks of rentals per year. This can be upgraded to a lifetime membership for $2,000, or you can buy the lifetime (platinum) membership to start with for $2,995.00. Primo Vacations offers only a lifetime membership at a normal cost of $997, although they do have specials where you can get it for $697.

Both GRN and Primo allow you unlimited rentals, but GRN also lets you have guest rentals, which Primo does not. They both give a discount at hotels, but with GRN you pay wholesale, while Primo offers it below wholesale. The rental for the condos start at $298 to $798 per week with GRN, where as Primo always has some as low as $100 per week.

Both are good companies, but the cost of the membership is the biggest difference to start with. The cost of renting the condos may be cheaper at one this time and at the other the next time, so the rental cost will probably not be the deciding factor. Allowing your guests to use it is a plus, but you are paying more for that right.

Global Resorts Network – Timeshare

Global Resorts Network offers the everyday person a way to travel in elegance for less than $3,000 dollars! This is the new way to travel now. You can visit different places at lower costs. But is this really new? We have known about timeshare that offer an unbelievable way to travel also over the past 25 years. Time-shares have been sold for cruises, recreational vehicles, campgrounds and many other types of properties, but their most notorious use is for shares in condominiums at huge time-share resorts that offers a exceptional new way of having a getaway in elegance. Could we really say that timeshares are becoming a thing of the past? Some timeshare companies and resorts have designed a new way to make their service to be more flexible, to have more choices and to lessen upfront cost. They are changing the concept of the timeshare industry but could we really say that it’s still all the same?

A timeshare is a property or the right to use a property in which multiple parties have rights, such as the right-to-use. Usually it refers to a resort or condominium unit. Timeshare essentially means that a group of people are sharing the cost of a getaway home. During the period of time you choose, either for life or for a specified number of years. Accommodations range from hotel rooms to condos, from cabins to elegance houses and castles, from yachts and cruise ships to RVs and houseboats. This system makes getaway home ownership possible for many people who cannot afford a second home or who otherwise would not be able to appreciate such resort facilities. Timeshare is an investment in lifestyle, in future holidays, in family time together, and when viewed that way it can be a good investment indeed. Is GRN like a timeshare exchange program?

Speaking about the program and the advantages a member can gain freom these businesses, there are still many differences the program timeshare has as compared with GRS. First is that timeshares do not give you major discounts on cruises and hotels. Global Resorts Network gives you deep discounts on any cruise or hotel worldwide. A timeshare typically costs between $7,000 and $45,000 while a lifetime membership with Global Resorts Network costs $2,995. Maintenance fee are important but Global Resorts Network has zero yearly maintenance fees while Timeshares yearly maintenance fees rates between $400 to $1200 per year. Timeshares typically only give you one or two weeks per year travel aas compared with up to fifty two weeks per year with Global Resorts Network. With a timeshare your places are limited. Global Resorts Network has over five thousand resorts worldwide in the member registry. Timeshares also do not have a income opportunity connected to it. Global Resorts Network has a business model that gives the possibility of creating financial freedom. Timeshares do not pay you a referral fee if you tell someone else about it who buys a timeshare while with Global Resorts Network, you only not travel as well you are compensated with every person you encouraged to be a member. GRN has a referral compensation of $500 for Gold to $1000 per platinum membership.