Visit One Of The Best Resorts In Cameroon

The central African country that is known for its diverse people and cultures and inspires many is the beautiful country of Cameroon. Bordered by Nigeria, Chad, Congo, guinea and many others the country attracts many tourists every year to its exquisite sites and sights. It is because of its diversity that Cameroon is often referred to as Africa in miniature and truly captures the African essence. Not only the culture and people are diverse in Cameroon but also the topography is diverse. There are deserts, mountains, grasslands, beaches and much more that Cameron offers to its visitors.

Cameroon is also one of the few countries that are socially and politically stable in Africa and it is one of the reasons why tourists like coming here because they feel safe. Home to 200 linguistic groups, Cameroon continues to fascinate the tourists making them fall in love with the country and the people. Also in Cameroon two things that the people love are music and football which makes visit to Cameroon an exciting one. The country also has one of the best football teams in the continent which inspires many youngsters to be future football stars.

Though Cameroon has many goods that it specializes in and exports; most of the country lives under the poverty line making it a hotspot for various nonprofit organizations. With so much diversity and beauty Cameroon is definitely worth a visit. If you want to visit this amazing country then feel free to contact us and avail flights to Douala from UK. Cameroon has many attractions but one that is loved by all and is a must visit is the beautiful Kribi beach resort. Lying on the gulf of guinea the resort is a tourist favorite and is especially popular amongst newlyweds.

The Kribi beach resort is well connected by roads to the rest of the country and is an exciting and refreshing retreat from a tough and fast paced routine. The beach is exquisite, warm and relaxing and promises one of the best moments in your life. The weather at Kribi is usually wet because of the rain and experiences short dry seasons but that does not dispel the beauty of the beach. The best time to visit the exotic beaches of Kribi is December. September is the wettest season and august the coldest.

The beaches are not for couples but the children will enjoy the beaches too. The beaches are sandy and provide the children with the perfect opportunity to play in sand and build sand castles. It will also give you a chance to interact with your children especially if you are a busy parent and do not get enough time for your children. You can plan a picnic or just lounge at the many resorts surrounding the beach areas, Kribi is bound to be a fun and exciting trip. You can make the trip to Kribi beaches more exciting by bringing your surf boards or kites which make for an interesting and fun time pass at the beach.

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